**Sheet Mask (This mask is 100% plant based, water free and made with biodegradable bamboo fibres. Certified by the Vegan Society and PETA.)


**Farmhouse Fresh Bath Bombs (Relax and soak in a rich effervescent bath of lingering deliciousness! A scrumptious, sweet scent fills the air when any of these bubbling fizzers is added to a bath tub. Each little, adorable 1 oz. fizzer is the perfect size for one full-tub soak – no need to break it apart! Made with nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil, these fizzer balls pack a punch of long-lasting softness.)


**Headband (perfect to keep your hair out of the way while cleansing and masking in the bathtub!)


**Boho Lip Balm (locally made, peppermint honey lip balm. Made using all-natural ingredients to soften and moisturize your lips.)


**Boho Tub Tea Trio:

The set will include the following:

  • Renew 2.7 oz combines a blend of salts with lavender buds and dried roses.  This bath tea is infused with lavender essential oils.
  • Relax 1.5 oz combines dry whole milk with organic oats for a super rich moisturizing experience.  A botanical blend of lavender, jasmine, and spearmint will leave you feeling so calm and fresh.  This bath tea is infused with spearmint and eucalyptus essential  oils.
  • Soothe 2.5 oz combines dry whole milk with organic oats for once again a super rich moisturzing combination.  You also get the amazing salt blend to soothe any aching muscles.  Lavender buds,dried chamomile and lavender essential oils will melt your stress away!  A touch of coconut oil is used for additional moisturizing benefits.

To use:  Fill tea bag with herbal tea.  Close and tie pouch.  Hang from bath tub faucet and let water run over the tea bag or toss entire pouch directly into bath water.  Allow tea to infuse with bath water.  When finished empty used pouch, rinse and hang dry.  Can be used again and composted when you are done with it.



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