24K Gold Facial Massagers: Your Skin's New BFF

As many of you know, one of the best parts of a professional facial is the massage. It feels amazing, sure, but did you know that the massage is one of the most important parts of the facial from a skincare standpoint? The massage encourages bloodflow through the skin and that is important for many reasons, which I'll get to in just a moment.

You might be wondering "What is a Gold Facial Massager anyways?"

The Gold Facial Massager is a fun little device that uses micro-vibration technology with 6,000 vibrations per minute to massage the skin. The gold plated "T" part of the device is glided over clean skin to massage your face and encourage bloodflow through the skin, much like the massage you recieve during your facial.

Why is bloodflow through the skin so important? Great question!

1. Bloodflow through the skin encourages collagen to be made. Extra collagen, which provides the cushiony layer to our skin, means plumper, smoother skin. We all can use a little more of that, am I right?

2. Blood carries oxygen through the skin. Oxygen kills bacteria (like acne bacteria), calms inflammation (like rocesea and acne), and speeds up healing.

3. Bloodflow has a detoxifying affect to the skin. Picture a delivery truck dropping off vitamins and nutrients and picking up the trash when it leaves. Yes, please.

So now we've got the blood flowing through the skin with our Gold Facial Massager, but there are a few other benefits of this handy little device.

- Relieves stressed facial muscle tension (you know, kind of the same thing botox does...)

- 24 K Gold stimulates bloodflow (yes, more bloodflow) and slows down the production of melanin (aka, the stuff that causes dark spots.)

- Can be used around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles

Adding this device to your at-home skin care routine will be the perfect boost to your skin's health. The 24K Gold Facial Massager is now available at Balance Beauty Spa and is soon to be your skin's new BFF.

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